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Empowering Innovations


The Budge Budge Institute of Technology or BBIT is a self-financing pioneeer college in West Bengal, India offering diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Engineering and Technology and other allied fields. It was established by a trust named Jagannath Gupta Family Trust. The college is affiliated with West Bengal State Council of Technical Education (diploma courses), Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology undergraduate and postgraduate courses  and all the relevant programes are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education.The institute is accrediated by NAAC and has NBA Accrediation for department of electronics and communications engineering, department of computer science and engineering, department of electrical engineering and department of mechanical engineering. The campus is located at Nischintapur, Budge Budge on KP Mondal Road.


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Exhibition are often the first showcase for exposing new ideas and concepts. Prototypes of any engineering systems, structures or functions are usually the very first step for every innovation. This event will provide the participants to showcase their innovation, creativity and out ofthe box thinking to the world. The models are not restricted to any specific domain or stream. Participants are required to make a model of any engineering aspect from any stream with the help of daily used household goods, scrap materials or recycled materials. The criteria for judgement would be innovation, functionality, techno as well as socio aspect, detailing. 
                                                                 1. The number of participants in each team can vary between 3 to 6.
                                                                 2. Group members can be from various streams of engineering.
                                                                 3. No two teams must have any common members.
                                                                 4. The participants will be provided a time window for setting up their model in our premises.


Participants from different colleges are hereby notified that a Competition on Poster Presentation on Green Entrepreneurship is going to be held on the 4th and 5th of October , 2018 at B.B.I.T college campus from 10.30am onwards. Interested candidates are hereby informed to follow the instructions mentioned herewith:

1. Each candidate can submit only one poster.
2. Posters should not be less than A3 size
3. A brief about the idea expressed in the poster should be submitted separately on an A4 sheet paper along with the poster mentioning the candidate's name , contact no., current academic year and name of college
4. Participants are requested to submit their posters at the poster submission desk, at B.B.I.T latest by 4th October, 2018 by 11.00 am
The entire duration of the competition will be of 2 days and the winner will be announced in the 2nd half of 5th October. There will be 3 prizes to be won and a special prize will be announced in the "Popular Category".

For any further query, participants are advised to contact the following :
1. Dr. Srimanti Roy Choudhury - 9804401166
2. Ms. Tuhina Halder - 9830412106
3. Ms. Samriddhya Ray Chowdhury - 9903119518
4. Ms. Mili Mitra Roy - 9831587188
5. Ms. Anusriya Mukherjee - 9674255673
6. Ms. Ishita Ghosh - 9432144514


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A technical speech is one which provides information or presents an idea to a specialized group. Technical presentations serve engineering, scientific and high tech purposes, describing advances in technology, problem resolution, product design and project status. Here at Techmedha we have handpicked some industry as well as academic experts to discuss the various trending technologies, the innovations as well as some other interesting facts and insights in different fields of engineering and applied science.



In debate, a particular topic or topics will be provided and the participants would be divided into two groups one of which will speak for the statement and the other will speak against the statement. At the end of the event, best speaker and second best speaker would be selected form both the squads.
Topic for debate: Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to humans?



Technical Quiz will be organized which will not be limited to any specific stream, specialization or otherwise. The participation will be in teams. Each group can consist of 2-4 members each for participation.



This sector of the task deals with INSITU structure making by the help of sets of Brick & certain quantity of Sand.
Participants will have to make an arc shape structure, comprising the shape of parabolic or Semi circle or segment of circle or elliptical or dome shape, which will be disclosed on the spot.
NOTE- dimensions of that particular arc is restricted.

General rules-
1. Each group have 3-6 participants.
2. No two groups have one common member.
3. Participants are from any branch of engineering.
4. Sets of bricks and certain quantity of Sand and adequate water (if required) are provided on spot. No other materials are to be provided & No other         materials are can be used for making the built up except bricks and sand.
5. Each groups can bring measurement tape and trowel.


This section involves making of bots and complete a challenging course with the help of technology and innovations. There are two sub events: all terrian robotic competition and Civionics. In all terrian bot competition, the participants has to prepare a robot within the given specifications and cover an obstacle course consisting of inclinations, sand, pebbles and many more. After every obstacle is a checkpoint. By crossing the checkpoints, the participants will get points. A Participant can take reset options when required but that will not stop the clock and the end of the day the teams completing the entire course within the shortest time will be selected. In civionics, the bot has to pick objects of various size depending upon the difficulty level and cross an pre decided course and drop the objects in the marked places. On various positions within the course there will be check posts  which when crossed the teams or participants will be awarded points.

All the robotics event will have three rounds: Qualifiers, Prelims, Finals.

                                                                                                             Specification of Bots :
1. The dimension of the base of the bot should not exceed 20 cm X 20 cm and the bot can have a maximum height of 25 cm (for all terrain) and for civionics  there is no restrictions for height. However there is no restriction on weight of the bot and innovations.
2. The participants will be supplied with Power inputs for bot to maintain fair play.
3. The track will consist plyboards, stones, pebbles, sand and/or glass beads.
4. The width of the track will be 30 cm.
5. In case of tie, an extra time of 3 minutes would be given to the teams in this span the team completing greater distance will be winners.
6. In case of restarts, the clock will not be stopped.
7. Each team should have 3-6 members.
8. There should not be any common team member within teams.
9. One bot per team is allowed.


Hacking has been a part of computing for almost five decades and it is a very broad discipline, which covers a wide range of topics. The first known event of hacking had taken place in 1960 at MIT and at the same time, the term "Hacker" was originated. Hacking is the act of finding the possible entry points that exist in a computer system or a computer network and finally entering into them. Hacking is usually done to gain unauthorized access to a computer system or a computer network, either to harm the systems or to steal sensitive information available on the computer.  Hacking is usually legal as long as it is being done to find weaknesses in a computer or network system for testing purpose. This sort of hacking is what we call Ethical Hacking. A computer expert who does the act of hacking is called a "Hacker". Hackers are those who seek knowledge, to understand how systems operate, how they are designed, and then attempt to play with these systems. We want to provide the participants with a technical session to know more about ethical hacking and followed by a workshop hands on session on ethical hacking.


Coding challenge will present a problem statement at each stage which has to be solved to move on to the next stage which will get more challenging as a participant will clear the stages. There will be three round of coding to determine the winner. For more details stay tuned.


Join as a Campus Executive for Techmedha 2k18, Budge Budge Institute of Technology and be a part of the new and varied experiences that follow! Graphic a unique opportunity to enhance your skills in the fields of publicity, marketing, networking, and maintaining public relations at a high level by acting as the campus executive of your college

• A certificate of appreciation will be awarded on the successful completion of the CE Program
• Build your communication skills and gain exposure in events promotion, organization and brand management
• Privilege to attend the events for free
• Top 5 CE will be awarded with insensitive
• Creating broad awareness for TECHMEDHA 2018 in and around your campus
• Informing the students of your institute about our events and activities through various means including social media
• Putting up posters and flexes and any other promotional materials in your college
• Coordinate every single thing from top to bottom related to your college
• Ensure maximum participation from your college in every events
• A CE will be called a successful CE if he/she is able to bring at least 15 students in the fest 



Rs  300  
  • Registration fees for TECHMEDHA 2018 will be Rs 300.

  • Register with your details as required in the online form below.

  • Refreshments will be provided to each participant.

  • On registration, participants will be provided with a kit.

  • Acoomodation will be provided only on first come first serve basis and on the basis of priority.

  • Accomodation caution fees will be Rs. 100 per night.

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