Department of Physics

To a physicist, the world consists of matter and energy. The study of physics encompasses the areas: force & motion, light, sound, electricity magnetism and structure of matter. Thus the basic science especially Physics plays an important role in building the foundation for all engineering fields. Further it is very essential for all the engineering students to have the knowledge of fundamentals of different aspects of physics, so as to apply them in various engineering fields e.g. semiconductor physics in microelectronics, optics in optical fibre communication, optical amplification and multiplication, magnetic properties in computer memories, lasers for various industrial applications, and the modern physics in nuclear power generation etc.

The Department of Physics at BBIT was established to provide adequate support to all undergraduate programs in engineering. Engineering Physics is being taught in the first year of B.Tech Program in all the branches and Engineering Physics II is being taught in the 2ndyear of B.Tech Program in all the branches. These programs help adequately in growing demand of the need of research in basic science and Materials Science.

. The department hopes that by giving central importance to research activities the existing lab will be improved in future with most advanced equipments so that research and teaching would translate the findings of the scientific and technological research into an impact which will make a difference to industry as such and the society as a whole. This research laboratory will also enrich the quality of education being imparted to undergraduate students.