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1st Year

Semester One

Semester Two


Course Name


Course Name

MB 101

Business Economics I

MB 201

Business Economics II

MB 102

Business Communication

MB 202

Organizational Behaviour II

MB 103

Management Information Systems 1

MB 203

Quantitative Methods II

MB 104

Organizational Behaviour I

MB 204

Production& Operations Management

MB 105

Quantitative Methods  I

MB 205

Management Information System II

MB 106

Fundamentals of Accounting

MB 206

Human Resource Management

MB 107


MB 207

Financial Management

MB 108

Business Laws

MB 208

Marketing Management

2nd Year

Third Semester (2 Compulsory, 4 Specialization Courses and Project Work)

Fourth Semester (2 Compulsory, 4 Specialization Courses and Viva Voce)


Course Name


Course Name

MB 301

Management Accounting

MB 401

Project Management and Entrepreneurship Development

MB 302

Operations Research

MM 402

Strategic Management

MB 303

Project Work and Viva Voce

MM 403

Comprehensive Viva Voce

Specialization Papers


Course Name


Course Name

MM 301

Sales & Distribution Management

MM 404

International Marketing

MM 302

Advertising and Sales Promotion

MM 405

Services Marketing

MM 303

Marketing Research

MM 406

Consumer Behaviour

FM 301

Corporate Taxation & Tax Planning

FM 404

Financial Institutes &Markets

FM 302

Corporate Finance

FM 405

International Finance

FM 303

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

FM 406

Derivatives and Risk Management

HR 301

Employment and Compensation Administration

HR 404

Industrial Relations

HR 302

Human Resource Planning

HR 405

Organisational Development

HR 303

Labour Laws

HR 406

Human Resource Development

SM 301

Database Management

SM 404

Software Management

SM 302

System Analysis & Design

SM 405


SM 303

Computer Aided Management

SM 406

Fundamentals of Networking