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Anti-Ragging Committee – 2020-2021

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Anti-Ragging Committee – 2020-2021


Ragging of any kind is declared as a criminal offence and is strictly banned in the campus, its hostels as per the Honorable Supreme Court directions. The goal of the committee is to comply as per directive of the court. Ragging is perceived as lack of human values.


The committee to look into the nuisance of ragging; studying various aspects of ragging, means and methods to prevent it, possible action that can be taken against those who indulge in it, and action against offenders in the event of ragging.

Duties & Responsibilities

To publicize and ensure all students read the Supreme Court recommendations; the recommendations imply the role and responsibility of anti-ragging committee:

  • The punishment to be meted out has to be exemplary and justifiably harsh to act as a deterrent against recurrence of such incidents.
  • Every single incident of ragging where the victim or his parent/guardian or the Head of institution is not satisfied with the institutional arrangement for action, a First Information Report must be filed without exception by the institutional authorities with the local police authorities. Any failure on the part of the institutional authority or negligence or deliberate delay in lodging the FIR with the local police shall be construed to be an act of culpable negligence on the part of the institutional authority. If any victim or his parent/guardian of ragging intends to file FIR directly with the police, that will not absolve the institutional authority from the requirement of filing the FIR.
  • In the prospectus to be issued for admission by educational institutions, it shall be clearly stipulated that in case the applicant for admission is found to have indulged in ragging in the past or if it is noticed later that he has indulged in ragging, admission may be refused or he shall be expelled from the educational institution.
  • It shall be the collective responsibility of the authorities and functionaries of the concerned institution and their role shall also be open to scrutiny for the purpose of finding out whether they have taken effective steps for preventing ragging and in case of their failure, action can be taken; for example, denial of any grant-in-aid or assistance from the State Governments.
  • Anti-ragging committees and squads shall be forthwith formed by the institutions and it shall be the job of the committee or the squad, as the case may be, to see that the Committees recommendations, more particularly those noted above, are observed without exception and if it is noticed that there is any deviation, the same shall be forthwith brought to the notice of this Court.
  • The Committee constituted pursuant to the order of this Court shall continue to monitor the functioning of the anti-ragging committees and the squads to be formed. They shall also monitor the implementation of the recommendations to which reference has been made above.
  • Ensure taking a signed documentary from students in tune with the provisions of anti-ragging verdict by the Honorable Supreme Court.


The Anti-Ragging Committee is composed of convener and members from the faculty, registrar, local PSI and also representatives from guardians and students.

The Core Committee on Anti-Ragging:

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Designation Contact No
1 Prof. (Dr.) Bhabes Bhattacharya Director General Academics 8420355921
2 Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Agarwal Group Director 9997498429
3 Prof. (Dr.) N. N. Jana Dean- Academics 9474306107
4 Prof. (Dr.) Siladitya Bandyopadhyay Dean of Students, Dean of Diploma 9830028627
5 Dr. Moumita Poddar Dean, MBA 9830990008
6 Dr. V. Siva Brahmaiah Rama Warden - Boys’ Hostel 7568963143
7 Ms. Anita Chakrobarty Warden – Girls Hostel 9836159909

Mr. Ram Kumar Mondal Inspector-in-Charge, Budge Budge  Police Station 9836486201
Ms. Anindita Chaudhary Block Development Officer, BudgeBudge 8335079052
Prof. (Dr.) Bhabes Bhattacharya Director General Academics, Budge Budge Institute of Technology 8420355921
Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Agarwal Group Director, Budge Budge Institute of Technology 9997498429
Prof. (Dr.) N. N Jana Dean-Academics Budge Budge Institute of Technology 9474306107
Prof. (Dr.) Siladitya Bandopadhyay Dean-Students, Dean Diploma 9830028627
Dr. Moumita Poddar DEAN-MBA 9830990008
Dr. V. Siva Brahmaiah Rama Warden of Hostels 7568963143
Ms. Anita Chakraborty 9836159909
Mr. Amarjeet Singh Guardian Representative 9331648998
Dr. Shubhangi Gupta Non-Teaching Staff 9748493158
Shri Sanjay Shaw 9830184251
Shri Amit Gupta 7003273789
Shri Anil Gupta 9903062729
Shri Paramanand Pandit 9903062750
Shri Prasanta Das 9831680565
Shri Ranjit Kalindi 8013144538
Shri Manas Barui 9831168582
Shri Manas Kumar Parui 9804303986
Ms. Kakali Sengupta (Das) TEACHING STAFF (BTECH & POLYTECHNIC) 9433101909
Shri Debajit Banerjee 9830769977
Shri Jayanta Kumar Basu 8334828087
Shri Labakanta Mondal 9477043573
Shri Saurav Sadhukhan 9433704229
Smt. Dola Sarkar 8017310388
Shri. SK. Golam Masum 9433462382
Shri. Sanjoy Haler 9903555791
Shri Rakesh Kumar Gupta 9804343155
Shri. Indrajit Chakraborty 9051655949
Srijani Natna B.TECH 8972620570
Soumyadev Mondal 6291358179
Animesh Mondal 7003221178
Soumyajit Bose 6291116904
Anubhab Anand 7520619991
Akshay Dey 9038417992
Animesh Bhattacharya DIPLOMA 9830282167
Rounak Singh 6291735033
Sweta Pal 6290444753
Sayan Pal 7044715693
Atanu Mondal 6290414504
Sambit Kumar Das 9804875610