Video Surveillance.

Image Enhancement.

Convert Image Transfer: A Secret Sharing Technique.

Design and Implementation of remote monitoring system based on GSM.

Online Photo Gallery.

Image Steganography.

Image Processing and Steganography.

A Noble Approach To The Art Of Cryptography.

Sentiment Analysis And Opinion On Movie Review.

Smart Home Automation (Based On Wireless Sensor Network).

Banking Management System.

Solar Based Automatic Led Lamp.

Online Departmental Shopping System.

Hospital Management System.

Community Detection In Dynamic Network.

Automatic  License Plate Recognition.

Survey on Face Detection and recognition.

Cross Platform Forum and Cloud Storage System.

Online Shopping.

Online Movie Ticket Booking.

Chat Server Management System.

Community Detection in Dynamic Network.

Liquid Cooling System.

Event Management System.

Detection of Human Expression Using Digital Image Processing.

An Automated Surveillance System for  Public  Places.

Motion Planning and Control between Multi-Agent System.