“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”_____ Rabindranath Tagore 

It is my deem privilege to serve BBIT, as a Registrar. I feel wonderful adopting and also playing the role as it provides me the platform to perform my duties with excellence towards the efficient and powerful management in the education sector. Education is very important and most contributing element not only today’s economic development but also for social appearance. Our administrative efficiency comes from our dedicated team which plays significant roles from admissions to class schedules, and creating endless opportunities for the students to shape and make their carriers in the competitive environment.

The Management of BBIT includes a mixed blend of young and dynamic leaders with educated and committed individuals from the society .The trust & belief that the higher management keeps in me has always inspired me to do more and uncover opportunities from academic to professional development of my students. Our attempts would never get a shape, if the Students were any different than the ones we meet here or even if the team together including the Chairman and Vice Chairman were any better than we see them . We are happy and equally proud to perform in a team that is committed to deliver education and meets the needs of Modern India.

Women constitute a major part of the nation’s workforce and therefore their contribution as student is very important for us. Security, comfortability, smart activities extra circular activities are major areas of our excellence for women empowerment.

We encourage our students for over all development which includes sports, Intra College, inter college, and also public events. We own a splendid infra structure with separate football ground, cricket ground, volley ball, basket ball and lawn tennis courts. To promote indoor activities our premises also includes a well developed and equally well maintained swimming pool. 

We strongly believe that only a healthy body and mind can be well productive, so to inspire our students, we provide them with a well equipped Gymnasium with professional guidance. 

We know that when academics is being well nurtured at BBIT, soft skills grooming is also equally important. All of our students get adequate exposure to soft skills training program, industry matched technical skills development program, and also aptitude enrichment programs. As a result in the state of West Bengal BBIT has brought significant changes in the field of education and will continue to adopt new techniques to provide the best education and contribute to the society by sharing their talent base from the market leaders. 

We look forward to add innovation to simplify excellence for the students. The excitement of discovery and innovation is also well spread in our team members that inspired us to create out of the box opportunities both for our team and also for the learners in BBIT. Discipline is our priority as we feel through discipline we can channelize the overflow of knowledge, talent and energy of the students from the 21st century. BBIT, is committed to deliver quality in quantity as quality is a dominant factor in every sector including the provision of being better each day in the field of education. We strongly understand that the students of BBIT are well equipped to meet and deal with the challenges and exceptionally command high values among the employers. We assure that the students have a nice time being associated with us. Considerate and friendlier staff of this college aims to deliver and ease the life of today’s learners and tomorrow’s future of the nation.