Grievance Redressal Committee for the academic year 2023-2024

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Grievance Redressal Committee for the academic year 2023-2024


Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Department
1 Prof. (Dr.) Probhas Bose Chair Person Director
2 Prof. (Dr.) N.N. Jana Member Principal
3 Prof. (Dr.) Siladitya BandyopadhyayConvenerDean of Students
4Prof. (Dr.) Moumita Poddar Member Dean, MBA
5 Prof. Sudeshna Nath Member Assistant Professor, EE Dept.
6 Prof. Suparna Bhowmick Member Assistant Professor, MBA Dept.
7Prof. Shruti RayMemberAdministration
8Ms. Trina BhattachrjeeMemberAdministration

Grievance Redressal and Monitoring Cell 2023-2024

Designation Name Contact Number
Principal Prof. (Dr.) N.N. Jana 9635862575
Warden of Hostels Mr. Archan Chakraborty 7667194363
Ms. Anita Chakroborty 9836159909
Guardian Representatives Guardian of Garima Shaw 9433023972
Mr. Amarjeet Singh 9331648998
Non-Teaching Staff Dr. Shubhangi Gupta 9748493158
Mr. Sanjay Shaw 9331704251
Mr. Prasanta Das 9831680565
Mr. Amit Gupta 9831222519
Ms. Richie Somaddar 8108816286
Mr. Manas Barui 9831168582
Teaching Staff Prof. (Dr.) S. Bandopadhyay 9830028627
Ms. Tapashri Sur 8240432095
Mr. Pradip Kumar Mondal 9836671578
Mr. Manas Parui 9804303986
Mr. Sajal Mandal 9681154085
Mr. Jayanta Mistri 9830824229
Coordinator Prof. (Dr.) S. Bandopadhyay 9830028627
Ombudsman Prof.(Dr.) Tamal Kanti Choudhury 9830176928



According to the Hon. Supreme Court of India definition of sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexually determined behavior


  • To prevent sexual harassment and to promote the general well being of female students/employees of the Institute
  • To provide a healthy and safe environment in the Institute for the female students/employees
  • To provide guidelines for the redressal of grievances related to sexual harassment of female students/employees of the institution Responsibilities
  • To sustain the dignity of women.
  • To facilitate a congenial working environment so that any female employee is not subjected to gender-specific discrimination.
  • To consider the complaints of grievances from female teaching staff, non-teaching staff, and students and investigate them thoroughly within the stipulated time.
  • To ensure confidentiality and time-bound response to the complaints.
  • To heighten awareness and sensitivity to this important issue amongst all the female staff and students. For this purpose, motivational and developmental activities shall be organized Powers & Duties
  • To ensure implementation of these Directions as may be laid down in the University and other constituents to which it is applicable
  • To process individual grievances concerning sexual harassment in the University departments/Administration/Authorities and to recommend suitable action in the manner and mode particularly provided hereafter
  • To exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be conferred or imposed on it by or under these Directions
  • To do all such acts and things as may be necessary to carry out the objects of these Directions Procedure for Investigation of Complaints
  • Any woman employee/female student of the University Departments/Schools/Administration/Authority shall have the right to lodge a complaint with any of the members of the Cell.
  • Such complaints may be verbal or in writing.
  • Any complaint in writing shall be signed by the person making the complaint. If the complaint is verbal the same shall be documented in writing in detail by the Cell member to whom the complaint is made and shall not be acted upon till signed by the complainant. A Complaint Register shall be maintained by the Complaints Committee. It should be a confidential document.
  • The complainant shall be afforded full confidentiality at this stage.
  • In the event of the complaint being made to any member of the Cell, immediately upon receipt of the complaint, and within not more than ten working days, the member of the Cell to whom the complaint is made shall communicate the same to the Chairperson of the Cell. However, if the complainant so desired, his/her name shall be kept confidential and shall not be divulged except to the Cell.
  • Within a period of three weeks from the date of such communication, the Chairperson shall convene its meeting
  • In case, the Cell decides to proceed with the complaint, the wishes of the complainant shall be ascertained and if the complainant wishes that a warning would suffice, then the alleged offender shall be called to the meeting of the Cell, heard, and if so satisfied that a warning is just and proper, it be recommended to the Vice-Chancellor that he may be warned about his behavior. The matter shall then be treated as concluded with a recording, to that effect, made in the Complaint Register. With the acceptance of the recommendation by the Director, he is warned about his behavior and necessary note be made into the Service Book of the employee/Record of the student including the Migration Certificate. The Cell should verify compliance with the action taken
  • The Cell shall accord a fair and reasonable opportunity to the delinquent to defend himself and shall ensure observance of the principles of natural justice.

Helpline Number: 7827-170-170


The Women's Grievance Redressal & Sexual Harassment Cell is composed of the convener and four members from among the faculty members and two from the administrative staff.

Sl. No. Name of the Member Designation Department
1 Prof. (Dr.) Moumita Podder Chairperson MBA
2 Dr. Tillotama Ray Convener Library
3 Prof. Anusriya Mukherjee Member HU
4 Prof. Kakali Sengupta Member ECE
5 Prof. Mili Mitra Nee Roy Member HU
6 Ms. Shruti Ray Member Administration
7 Ms. Trina Bhattacharya Member Administration